Friday, March 18, 2011

Isn't she lovely!

It still amazes me that she is mine. After all the years I hoped and prayed for her, it's still hard to believe that she is in my arms and mine for eternity. I love her so much! Each time she smiles, which she does a lot, my heart explodes with happiness.

Here are a few pictures of Lilianna with Granna.

After I picked Lilianna up from daycare, this is the beautiful smile she gave me once she was in the car.

Have a mentioned how happy Dad is each and every moment he is with her? He's so in love with her. He loves to just look at her because she smiles the moment she sees him. She loves her daddy! She really enjoys watching cartoons with him on Saturday mornings. I enjoy it too because I get to sleep in a little bit longer.

The weather has been warmer, so we have been letting her experience the fresh air.

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