Thursday, March 21, 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Lilianna brings us so much joy and happiness! I'm so blessed to have a beautiful, smart, loving daughter. Since I've started feeling better, we have started to venture back out into the world, and it's been great.

Last weekend it was nice and sunny outside, so we took Lilianna to the park. She is growing up so fast. It's hard to keep up with her.

I'm not suppose to lift more than 10 pounds, but I only held her for a few seconds for this picture. I think she was smiling like that because that was the first time I had held her in a month. She's glad to have her mommy back. 

So, being that I was feeling better.....we went to Silver Dollar City!!! It was a great test of my physical abilities, but I'm going to say I passed!!! Woohoo! PTL! We stayed in the kid section most of the time, so I wasn't walking too much.

Also, Lilianna did great. I was very impressed. She loved all the rides and didn't cry on any of them. The best memory that I will cherish forever was her desire to stop and dance in the aisle every time she heard music with a banjo and fiddle. If you have been to SDC, you know that's every 5 feet! Ha! She would stop, grab our hands, and get down! 

At this point, she was pretty tired and hungry, but I had to have a picture of us. 

Later, we went to the Bass Pro Shop. It was fun to see Lilianna look at all the animals. It's a joy to see the world through her eyes. 
Daddy had a great day too! He was really wanting and needing a fun day and that's what we had yesterday. 

Thank you!

I want to say thank you again to everyone who has continued to bless us. The meals have been a huge blessing. Not only do I get fabulous food for dinner, but I have enjoyed the company. It's helped me a lot to know that people are still thinking of me and praying for us. Also, I have to sing the praises of Harp Elementary one more time. They have continued to bless us. We love our Harp family! 

Tonight, Joel Osteen tweeted, "Nothing in life has happened to you, it's happened for you." My mom told me this back in December when she said Brynlee's life has been given to me as a gift. In the song "I Will Carry You" my favorite part is, "I will praise the one who's chosen me to carry you." This is my mantra. I know God chose me to have Brynlee, and I'm blessed by his favor although it is hard at times to know all of this happened "for" me and our family, but I'm going to choose to believe that. 
"You are For Me" ~ Kari Jobe

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