Sunday, April 14, 2013


I want to be real - honest. God has carried me through this experience, but there are times when I still cry and feel deep pain. I'm mean it is not always well with my soul. There are times when I break because I wish I still had Brynlee and she was healthy and whole. She will never be replaced in my heart. It's not possible. She is in my thoughts daily. February 23rd will always be inscribed on my heart. I plan to buy an ornament to celebrate her life every Christmas, and I hope I think of many more ways to celebrate her life. I say celebrate because I know children are a reward from God, and I greatly value life. Also, Brynlee's life had many purposes and that's something to celebrate!

But back to my point, I want to be realistic with you and tell you the truth. There are times when I'm worn, especially when it comes to one prayer request I've had for five years.

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