Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Peekaboo and Poppies

These ten fingers and ten toes bless my heart immensely. Jamie and I were thrilled to receive this beautiful plate in the mail today. Mamie's Poppy Plates is a non-profit organization in Little Rock. They make these plates for parents who have had children born into the arms of Jesus. It definitely has warmed our hearts, and we will cherish it forever.

I want to thank Brandy and Chris still for their sweet donation in loving memory of Lillian and Waylon. 

Mamies Poppy Plates

Also, I was extremely blessed in April when the Editor-in-Chief for Peekaboo Magazine sent me a message and asked me if I'd be willing to share Brynlee's story. I was overwhelmingly blessed by the opportunity because I felt like this was one more way to fulfill one of the many purposes for Brynlee's life. I don't know all the ways God will use it, but I pray it touches many people's hearts and continues to bring Glory to God. 

Peekaboo Family Magazine, Northwest Arkansas

Meanwhile, Lilianna has been sick again. This time she has an ear infection, but I enjoyed getting to hug her all day today and making up for some of the time I have spent time typing while working on my NBPTS certification. 
As you can tell, she loves her Snoopies. She is just like her daddy.
Happy early Mother's Day to me. Jamie bought me some new shoes since I'm trying to learn how to be a runner. I'm so slow right now! He even bought me really good running socks! Wish me luck - I'm going to need it!
So, I've been cooking a lot lately, and I enjoyed experimenting with this Pinterest idea. Unfortunately  Lilianna didn't like it, but she doesn't seem to like anything with corn meal right now.
I like this picture because we are finally starting to have warm weather. 
Yes, you can't see her head, but it's nice to see the sun. 

Have a warm week, 

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  1. Kim,

    My name is Chris Still and my wife is Brandy. We are the parents of Lillian and Waylon Still. We have been meaning to reach out to you since you posted your kind words on the Ashby Funeral Home website. We were both very sorry for your loss of Brynlee. We were comforted by the joy your Poppy Plates brought you. We cried that night as we read your blog and re-lived our own story of Lillian and Waylon. I can tell by reading your blog that you are already doing this... but continue to let the Lord wrap his loving arms around you both. We have said many prayers for your family, and will continue to do so.

    In Christian love,
    Chris, Brandy, Sam, Hannah, Carson, Lilly and Waylon Still